Success Stories

Dear CVIU Staff:
Thank you all for a wonderful learning experience.  I always felt like all our instructors were very dedicated to their students.  My passion for cardiovascular sonography grows every day.  I am constantly learning new things – always a challenge.  I have seen and done some very cool pathology and exams. Loving every minute of my job! Thanks again for all your efforts.  It was a life changing inspiration for me.~ Audra Perisho, RDCS (AE) – soon to be PE and RVT! P.S.  Mrs. Hopper, you were right— the money does come
!! Thank you for your constant encouragement.


Hey Dr. Hopper! It’s Crystal Kimble from New Mexico! I hope you and Mrs. Hopper are doing well. I just wanted to write and let you know that I’m really enjoying the practice of Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound out here at the University Hospital. I’m seeing so much pathology it’s great! Here at the Hospital we are even using 3D ultrasound, both transthoracic and transesophageal…. so cool! My education at CVIU was excellent in preparing me for a career in Ultrasound, so thank you for everything.I work in a practice of about 15 Cardiologist and all of them have complemented me on my scanning ability and my comprehensive background in physics and pathology recognition. Even in the preparation for taking the boards (ARDMS), I passed both the physics and specialty the first time around, thanks to CVIU!!! I have met quite a few sonographers since I have been here in New Mexico, all with many years of scanning experience under their belts, and they have all complemented me on how strong my education is in Ultrasound… makes me feel so good to have been a part of such a great program. Like I said, I can’t say enough good things about my experience and education at CVIU!Anyway, I have more good news. Matt and I are getting married! I want to invite you and Mrs. Hopper to the wedding, so I need your address so I can send you a save the date and an invitation. The wedding is June 25, 2011 and it will be in Vail Colorado. I hope y’all will be able to make it. talk to you soon.~Crystal Kimble RDCS

I actually did not choose a career in Ultrasound it chose me. I had no idea they did scans off the heart until my mother had an Echo. The tech who did my mother’s test was great and answered all my questions. A few months later I was applying to CVIU.My first day at CVIU was a little scary and I almost quit when they told me I had to learn Physics, but they assured all the students that they would help us along every step. From that day forward my experience was wonderful. It was hard at times to find enough time to study and keep up with the work, but it was never impossible. CVIU gave me all the information I would need to be successful in the field of ultrasound. It was up to me to use what they had made available for me. I started in working right out of school in a Cardiology private practice just long enough to get my feet wet and my ARDMS under my belt. After that I moved on to mobile service and after I got a year experience working I was able to apply for travel staffing.Now I feel like the world is not enough! I love my job and I feel like I am always on high. I get to work with amazing people all across the country and they have all been exceptionally nice. I would love to tell everyone about all the wonderful things I have experienced and seen over the past year, but it would make this message about three pages long. I will say I have been to Orlando, Quebec Canada, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Boston, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, MD where I got to work at the nations top hospital John Hopkins.

Also, on top of all the wonderful places I have been sent to work, I get as much time as I want off between assignments. So with that freedom I have taken a trip to Las Vegas and St Lucia in the Caribbean and now I am planning a trip to Italy for a month over the holidays. All this travel I have done in only a year. I am very happy with my life right now and I am grateful to CVIU for helping me achieve my success, Thank You!

–Nicole Carboni, RDCS

I wanted to further my career in diagnostic imaging since I have been in Radiology for many years and Ultrasound has always fascinated me. I had been on many waiting lists at different schools for the Ultrasound program and CVIU had openings and I qualified.So really CVIU chose me. My experience (class part) was very challenging, but there was a lot of support to get me through the difficult times. I didn’t have to worry if someone was available to help me. During my clinical rotation I have experienced the tight nit family of sonographers and soon I hope (after graduating) to be a part of this family.

– Kim Greene

I think ultrasound is a challenging and exciting field that opens doors to many possibilities. CVIU is in the perfect location for ultrasound because of the abundant amount of learning facilities in the Mobile area. Also, the faculty of CVIU is held in high respect on the Gulf Coast.My experience at CVIU was great. I felt that CVIU gave me enough confidence and knowledge in ultrasound, patient care, and professionalism to achieve my goal of becoming a respectable ultrasound sonographer.My experience as a sonographer is growing daily. There are always new advances and opportunities arising in ultrasound.

~ Jessica Bennett

I chose a career in ultrasound because it offered high paying opportunities nationally, as well as several different avenues for advancement. I wanted to start a career in a field that would afford me not only variety and challenges but a lifestyle that my family and I could enjoy. I chose CVIU because if offered me a specialized and comprehensive program that would make me highly competitive in a short amount of time.My experience at CVIU was fantastic. I felt like I had a team of professionals all geared towards my individual success. Coming from a college I was surprised at how smoothly everything went, from classroom curriculum to administrative issues, it all was geared to facilitate my needs. My experience as a sonographer has been incredibility rewarding. Besides being both interesting and challenging, I really feel that there are limitless avenues for me to pursue. I have the freedom to go where I want and move into a clinical setting that fits my personality and goals.~Nathan Cristea

Robin V. photo

As a newly certified Diagnostic Sonographer struggling to find employment in a saturated job market, I decided my best option was to improve my employability by adding some specialty skills to my current ultrasound training.  While the field of general ultrasound is currently saturated with new graduates, vascular and cardiac ultrasound is a growing field with a need for more technologists.  I began by researching the career opportunities available and then researching education options.  My search led me to CVIU.

As I compared the various Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound schools that were available, I realized that CVIU was one of a few schools who offered cardiac and vascular training independent of general ultrasound.  The fact that they offer a number of options for completion was a big draw; students can opt into a complete two year program, or choose a one year program in either cardiac or vascular ultrasound.   There is also the option to pick up a short 3 month crossover program after the first year for additional training.

Another big plus is that the program is accredited so there is financial aid available; this is not the case with many of the hospital based programs available.

For me, deciding to attend CVIU meant moving myself and my family from Wisconsin to Alabama, a huge decision that was not popular with my children.  Since we arrived in Alabama we have had many wonderful experiences!  Southern Alabama is beautiful and has a lot to offer by way of entertainment.  From the beaches of Gulf shores to the state parks and historical sites, we have found an abundance of activities to keep us entertained, even on a budget.

Attending CVIU has definitely been a learning experience.  The material covered in the first semester is extensive, but designed to prepare each student for hands on clinical application of knowledge.  CVIU has 5 different ultrasound systems, which is beneficial to the students; you don’t know what system you will be using in the field, so it is great to have some familiarity with a variety of systems.  There are a variety of clinical sites as well, ranging from large hospitals to small clinics.  My first clinical rotation included one of each, and I felt this gave me a very well rounded experience.  The clinic offered me an abundance of scan time and one on one instruction from a very knowledgeable technologist.  The hospital I trained at exposed me to a greater variety of pathology as well as invasive procedures.

Learning any new skill can be a challenging experience, and ultrasound is certainly no exception.  When you attend CVIU you have a large number of resources available to aid you in the learning process.  From a library of books, videos, and multimedia learning materials to instant access to knowledgeable instructors, everything you need to succeed is at your disposal.

~ Robin Van Schyndel



Dear CVIU Staff,

I would just like some time to write about the wonderful experience I had at CVIU. I knew ultrasound was the career change I was looking for but wasn’t sure about which school to attend. Luckily, I knew a friend of the family and she recommended CVIU. Everything she loved about the school was the exact same thing I experienced. With the small classes there is plenty of one to one instruction. Also, this allows for plenty of scan time for each student. With the instruction I received at CVIU I felt more than prepared to enter the field as a new tech. When at the school it felt as though you were part of a family. You can tell that the instructors truly care about the students. I am so thankful I chose to make a career change into vascular ultrasound. I believe the most crucial choice though was where to go to school and I am most thankful that I chose CVIU. It’s going great here in Virginia!  I wish I had made the change years ago. There is a lot of pathology to see here. They have a very experienced crew too so I am learning something new every day as well. The town is also beautiful and my wife loves it. I would personally like to thank all the staff for all your help and personal instruction.

Sincerely, Shane Goins