Nathan Cristea

I chose a career in ultrasound because it offered high paying opportunities nationally, as well as several different avenues for advancement. I wanted to start a career in a field that would afford me not only variety and challenges but a lifestyle that my family and I could enjoy. I chose CVIU because if offered me a specialized and comprehensive program that would make me highly competitive in a short amount of time.My experience at CVIU was fantastic. I felt like I had a team of professionals all geared towards my individual success. Coming from a college I was surprised at how smoothly everything went, from classroom curriculum to administrative issues, it all was geared to facilitate my needs. My experience as a sonographer has been incredibility rewarding. Besides being both interesting and challenging, I really feel that there are limitless avenues for me to pursue. I have the freedom to go where I want and move into a clinical setting that fits my personality and goals.