Nicole Carboni

I actually did not choose a career in Ultrasound it chose me. I had no idea they did scans off the heart until my mother had an Echo. The tech who did my mother’s test was great and answered all my questions. A few months later I was applying to CVIU.My first day at CVIU was a little scary and I almost quit when they told me I had to learn Physics, but they assured all the students that they would help us along every step. From that day forward my experience was wonderful. It was hard at times to find enough time to study and keep up with the work, but it was never impossible. CVIU gave me all the information I would need to be successful in the field of ultrasound. It was up to me to use what they had made available for me. I started in working right out of school in a Cardiology private practice just long enough to get my feet wet and my ARDMS under my belt. After that I moved on to mobile service and after I got a year experience working I was able to apply for travel staffing.Now I feel like the world is not enough! I love my job and I feel like I am always on high. I get to work with amazing people all across the country and they have all been exceptionally nice. I would love to tell everyone about all the wonderful things I have experienced and seen over the past year, but it would make this message about three pages long. I will say I have been to Orlando, Quebec Canada, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Boston, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, MD where I got to work at the nations top hospital John Hopkins.

Also, on top of all the wonderful places I have been sent to work, I get as much time as I want off between assignments. So with that freedom I have taken a trip to Las Vegas and St Lucia in the Caribbean and now I am planning a trip to Italy for a month over the holidays. All this travel I have done in only a year. I am very happy with my life right now and I am grateful to CVIU for helping me achieve my success, Thank You!

–Nicole Carboni, RDCS