About Cardiac & Vascular Institute of Ultrasound

The Cardiac and Vascular Institute of Ultrasound (CVIU) is located in the uniquely historic city of Mobile, Alabama on the Gulf coast. CVIU is a fully accredited School dedicated to providing students with an in-depth, highly specialized education in cardiac and vascular ultrasound. We were the first Ultrasound Institute in the United States to separate the two fields of study – cardiac and vascular, emphasizing specialization rather than generalization. Specialization makes our students more employable. By specializing in either cardiac or vascular ultrasound, you will be more qualified than graduates of other General Ultrasound Schools. Small classes, instructors that love teaching, and a curriculum that emphasizes immediate practical application, all make CVIU Cardiac and Vascular Sonography and Echocardiography School a fascinating and rewarding place to learn.

Our mission is to provide excellent educational opportunities, resources, and clinical experiences to meet the needs of students who desire a career and certification in cardiovascular ultrasound diagnostics. CVIU sets high academic standards for its students to insure they have a thorough understanding of the principles, technology, and competency skills required for a successful transition into a career in cardiovascular ultrasound. Learning objectives are achieved by integrating the knowledge gained in the classroom with the practical application of sonography in the scanning labs.

Our goal is twofold: To thoroughly train Sonographers for entry-level positions with first-rate health facilities, and secondly, to prepare students to pass the Registry (certification). You will possess the confidence to take the Registry Exam immediately upon graduation.