Cardiac Sonography Program

This program prepares the student to perform quality, diagnostic echocardiograms that can be interpreted by the reading cardiologist. Graduating students ascertain an in depth understanding of anatomy, medical terminology, hemodynamics, color Doppler, and pathophysiology presented by a registered Cardiac sonographer. Students learn the school’s very general protocol that enables them to adapt to different clinic’s protocol according to the interpreting cardiologist’s specification. Professionalism and medical ethics begins at CVIU and is emphasized throughout the programs to promote excellent patient care and safety. The one-year cardiac curriculum is institutionally accredited by ABHES and programatically accredited by CAAHEP.

Program Length: One Year (36 hours per week for 48 weeks). Total clock hours: 1728

Course NumberCourse TitlesQuarterTotal Clock Hours
ECHO 101Adult Echo Principles and Technology1st174
ECHO 102Adult Echo Scan Lab1st210
EKG 101Basic EKG3rd12
MED 101Medical Terminology1st18
PC 101Patient Care1st18
ECHO 201Adult Echo Clinical Application2nd432
ECHO 301Adult Echo Advanced Studies3rd180
ECHO 302Adult Echo Advanced Scan Lab3rd216
PHY 101Ultrasound Physics3rd36
ECHO 202Adult Echo Clinical Application4th432