Vascular Sonography Program

The Vascular Program is designed to prepare the student to perform diagnostic quality vascular ultrasound examinations that include, but not limited to, cerebrovascular, peripheral venous and arterial, spanchnic and renovascular circulation. The student will understand the anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and theory of the vascualature of the human body as well as provide accurate technical impressions to the interpreting physician. The student learns to work effectively with other allied health care professionals, patients, and families to promote patient safety and an accurate diagnosis. The one-year vascular curriculum is institutionally accredited by ABHES and programatically accredited by CAAHEP.

Program Length: One Year (36 hours per week for 48 weeks). Total clock hours: 1728

Course Number Course Titles Quarter Total Clock Hours
VAS 101 Vascular Principles and Technology 1st 192
VAS 102 Vascular Scan Lab 1st 204
MED 101 Medical Terminology 1st 18
PC 101 Patient Care 1st 18
VAS 201 Vascular Clinical Application 2nd 432
VAS 301 Vascular Advanced Studies 3rd 186
VAS 302 Vascular Advanced Scan Lab 3rd 210
PHY 101 Ultrasound Physics 3rd 36
VAS 202 Vascular Clinical Application 4th 432
TOTAL 1728